FOCUS Camera-Top Monitor w/ Tilt Arm

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Professional grade camera-top monitor that can power your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Display: 5-inch, 1280x720, 294 PPI
Brightness: 800 nits 
Input: Micro HDMI, Micro USB
Output: ?” Headphone Jack, 7.2v Power 
Power: Sony L Series Battery (Not Included) 



The FOCUS is the camera-top monitor many shooters have been waiting for. With a light and compact form factor, the FOCUS is bright enough to see and sharp enough to pull focus. 

• 800 nits bright 
• 5-inch, 1280x720 IPS LCD 
• More pixels per inch than retina displays




The FOCUS is an ideal camera-top monitor for DSLR and mirrorless camera shooters because the Sony L Series battery powering the monitor, can also power the camera. With a battery adapter cable, the FOCUS extends camera run-time as much as 4x, while providing a more useable display. 

• Auxiliary power out to DSLR and mirrorless cameras 
• Micro HDMI input with port protection 
• ? stereo headphone jack 
• 6 watt power draw



Every FOCUS monitor will ship with a cold shoe mounted Tilt Arm. Shooters will have a secure way to position their monitor while maintaining a low profile. 

• Allows the FOCUS to tilt 180 degrees for viewing convenience 
• Secure and lightweight mounting via shoe adapter or ¼” 20 
• Includes a shoe mount of its own for accessories like microphones 
• Ships with every FOCUS monitor



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